Where to eat in Camden Town

On a sunny Saturday I ventured to Camden Town in London to be greeted by a mass of people who clearly had the same idea as I did, to hunt down good food and soak up the quirky atmosphere. Something you can only experience in Camden Town.

I arrived at Camden Town station and waded through the crowds to cross the river and enter Camden Market. Immediately I was hit with vegan food signs which put a massive smile on my face as I knew that I was going to eat well that day and it’s all about keeping your tummy happy right?


So what did I eat?

After scouting the options I opted for the Colombian Street Food Maize Blaze where I got their Lean Mean Vegan Machine meal. With guacamole and plantain you can’t go wrong.

Sautéed mini potatoes, garlic rice, slow-cooked red beans, guacamole, sweet fried plantains, balsamic red cabbage on a bed of mixed leaves with toasted pumpkin seeds, spring onion, fresh chillies, red onion salad and fresh coriander. 


This dish was hearty, flavoursome and everything I needed at that moment of time. I highly recommend.

After I explored the markets before heading to the famous Cookies and Scream where every product is dairy, wheat, egg and gluten free. I enjoyed a peanut butter Thick ‘Scream’ Shake and a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookie. They warmed up the cookie and oh my, it melted in your mouth. Sometimes you worry that places won’t live up to the hype but in my opinion Cookies and Scream did not disappoint, so check it out.


Other vegan eats in Camden

If you haven’t been to Camden Town before then you’re in for a treat as there are a lot of options for vegans. Whether you want

You can have it all.

Having seen such a variety of options for vegans in Camden Market i’ll be back for sure. If you have any recommendations then please share in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


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