Vegan Food Guide to Seville

Whenever I travel to Spain I think patatas bravas, croquettes and spanish tortilla amongst other tapas delights. Unfortunately quite often it’s a challenge to find vegan friendly versions of these delicacies and you might end up with patatas bravas without the sauce (so a bowl of potatoes) or just some salad. It has happened to me many times before. However if you’re visiting Seville then you’ll be in luck. Here’s my guide to eating vegan in Seville.


Your vegan food guide to Seville

In this post we’ll cover restaurants/cafes, ice cream shops and of course the supermarket. Some of the places that i mention are fully vegan and others offer vegan options. I’ll indicate which is which as we go through.

Restaurants / Cafes

Arte y Sabor

Arte y Sabor is a vegan friendly restaurant with an array of dishes that can be made vegan which are clearly marked on the menu.

We had an absolute feast here which included spinach croquettes with a white garlic sauce, tempura vegetables, falafels with a vegan yogurt sauce and spanish potato salad seasoned with parsley, olive oil and vinegar – sounds simple but it was my favourite.

All the food was spectacular and it’s clearly a very popular place with the locals too. They did have vegan desserts on display but we were stuffed, so we gave it a miss on this occasion, but I’d highly recommend this place to add to your vegan food itinerary.


El Paladar

El Paladar is another vegan friendly restaurant with its own vegan menu. They had a mix of tapas, burgers and Italian food. I went for their spinach cannelloni, which I haven’t had since going vegan and then we got some spinach croquettes and papas con mojo to share. Again the food was really tasty and clearly a local joint away from the tourists.


Vegan Eats

Vegan Eats is an all vegan take away that became a bit of a lifesaver when we came back late at night after a day of exploring. We were lucky enough to have this place less than 50 meters down the road from our AirBnb. They offered burgers, hot dogs, bocadillios, montaditos, tapas, cake and all sorts.

We tried their guacamole burger, patatas bravas, cauliflower croquettes, tortilla de patata montedito and chorizo picante montedito and lemon cake. Not all in one sitting may I add, but it was great to have a place to grab some vegan food and go.


El Enano Verde

El Enano Verde is an all vegan cafe. We ate lunch here as they had an €8 offer where you got a starter and a main. To start we had stir fry veg and a salad and for main a leek cake of some sort and a toasted tortilla.

All the food was fresh and full of flavour – we thoroughly enjoyed it. The great thing is that they change their menu every 3 days so you could go back and have a completely different selection to choose from. They also had desserts but as usual we were full.



We happened upon Organic’s after doing a little bit of shopping in the centre of town. It’s an all vegan cafe with a large variety of options on the menu including breakfast and lunch meal deals, burgers, tapas, cakes and more.

I went for something that I hadn’t heard of before which was their tofu and leek pie. It looked like they had blended silken tofu with some roasted vegetables and then put it in the oven to get the crispy outer layer. It was tasty, but could have done with a bit more seasoning.

The boyfriend tried their date and banana cake which he liked but said was a bit dry, so be sure to check the cakes out in the cupboard by the till before ordering.


La Bartola

La Bartola is a vegan friendly restaurant in the centre of Seville with it’s vegan options clearly marked on the menu. It had a really pleasant atmosphere and if you sit on the window ledge you can watch people go by.

I decided to order dishes that I hadn’t heard of before which unfortunately turned out to be a little bit of a fail. For example, I ordered two traditional Andalusian dips which I thought would be like hummus in consistency but instead were more like a thick soup. They were called Ajoblanco (a cold almond dip) and Salmorejo (a cold tomato dip). I’m glad that I tried them, they just weren’t the meal that I was expecting, so you’ve been warned.

For dessert I had their oven baked apple stuffed with pine nuts, almonds, sultanas, and walnuts. If you have a sweet tooth then you’ll like this.

Fargo Restaurant

If you’re looking for a restaurant for a special occasion then Fargo may be the way to go. It has lots of vegan options that range from around €10 for a burger up to about €25 for something off their specials board. We went for a starter of mixed hummus which came with three flavours; beetrooot, green pea and trodi, all of which were sensational. For main I chose their baked acorn squash, which cost €15 and was beautifully presented. A work of art.


Milk Away

A vegan cafe in the centre of Seville and a perfect spot to grab an açai bowl for breakfast, a panini for lunch or simply to get a smoothie to go, which is exactly what we did. Sometimes all you fancy is something fresh in the heat. However this is a good little place to know about when you get that craving for fruit and veg or are just feeling a little tapas’d out.

Ice Cream

Puro & Bio

If you’re looking for vegan ice cream then try Puro & Bio. They have a range of vegan sorbets and ice creams which are made from rice milk. Just be sure to start eating straight away as they melt quite quickly, especially in the heat! They have a great range of flavours so worth the walk. I went for my standard favourites, pistachio and coconut. Yum.

Porto Bello

Another place that advertised vegan ice cream was Porto Bello. They didn’t have a great selection but I did get a piña colada sorbet which was very refreshing. I wouldn’t travel here especially but it’s a good one to bookmark in case you’re in the area.

Other vegan friendly restaurants/cafes/ice cream shops

There were a number of other vegan and vegan friendly places that I had on my list which we never got to. I think that we would have been eating nonstop if we had. I’ve listed them below in case you would like to check them out.

• Veganitssen

• A Bok 2

• Alameda Rock

• Gusto

• Amorino (for ice cream)


If you’re staying in an AirBnb or have a kitchen where you’re staying then you may be interested in buying some bits and bobs from the supermarket. Here are a few things to know.


Vegan Milks

You’ll find a whole range of vegan milks including soya, almond, hazelnut and rice. They aren’t necessarily brands that you’ll recognise (bar Alpro) but there are plenty of them to choose from!


Vegan Yoghurts

As always when I visit a European country I go on the hunt for Soja Sun yoghurts. They have such an amazing flavour and you can get them in most supermarkets in Seville which is great!

They also have some other desserts that I hadn’t heard or seen before such as these “Alamendra- Me- Up!” desserts. Yum.

Vegan ice cream

The brand of ice cream that you tend to find is Val Soia. You can get tubs of ice cream and ice lollies too.

You’ll also find some independent Organic Shops that sell a larger range of vegan options such as seitan steaks, seasoned tofu, vegan croquettes, vegan chewy sweets etc. One example of this is Super Sano.

Of course you’ll have your fruit and veg including padron peppers at a fraction of the price of what you pay in the UK and lots of other crisps, bread, hummus and other snacks that us vegans love to eat. To put it simply, you won’t go without.


So there you have it, my vegan food guide to Seville. There were so many more vegan friendly places around than Google originally led me to believe and I can only imagine that there are plenty more that I didn’t come across. If you’re planning on taking snacks “just in case” like I did, then there’s no need. Save that valuable baggage space for something else.

If you’re traveling to Seville have a fabulous time. It’s such a beautiful city that I could have spent many more days exploring. If you’re thinking about visiting then just book those flights. You won’t regret it.

Let me know if you find this article helpful and I’ll continue to create more as I go on my travels.



  1. Marta
    May 22, 2019 / 8:52 am

    Great post! Just to clarify that ajoblanco and salmorejo are not dips! They are cold soups and are delicious for the very hot days 🙂

    • Anjuli
      July 26, 2019 / 3:26 pm

      That is actually very helpful. I didn’t realise that they were cold soups. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

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