Vegan Afternoon Tea at Lele’s

I recently visited Lele’s in East London for a wonderful afternoon tea with my mother. She was in need of a good pampering so i thought what better place than Lele’s! I first came across Lele’s at Broadway Vegan Market where they had a stall and i bought one of their cakes. It was so divine that not long after i found myself sat in their cafe in front of a mountain of vegan food.


About Lele’s

Lele’s is a vegan cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, weekend brunch and afternoon tea in a small, bright yet quaint space in the heart of Clapton in Hackney. Their menu is ever changing but you’ll find salads, soups, sandwiches and of course cakes.

Lele’s may be a vegan cafe but they also cater for those who are gluten free too. What’s more, you may also find a pooch sitting next to you as Lele’s is dog friendly. This may not suit everyone, but i didn’t mind cooing over the beautiful labradoodle that was sat next to me.

What we ate at Lele’s

For one Sunday each month Lele’s offers a delicious afternoon tea for £18 per person, which is what i’d booked for my mama and I. I was so looking forward to it as the cake that i’d tried at Broadway Market had set the bar and i knew that we were in for a treat.

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Lele's LondonNow i’ll let you into a little secret….it was better than i expected!

I was astounded by the volume of food that we got. Now you’ll have to forgive me as i can’t remember what everything was, but on the antique looking cake stand we had:

  • Scones with jam
  • Star cookies with chocolate
  • Chocolate covered fruit
  • Lemon curd tart
  • Lemon cupcake
  • Coconut cupcake
  • Oreo brownie
  • Salted caramel brownie

In addition there were two chocolate mousses with a berry coulis which were incredible. I could have eaten buckets of the stuff. It was divine.

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Lele's LondonFor savoury there were a few sandwiches and a cheese and chive scone each. My mum raved about the savoury scone. That was her favourite, but she has always been a fan of the savoury over the sweet.

Vegan Afternoon Tea at Lele's LondonTo drink you could have tea, coffee or hot chocolate. I decided to completely indulge and went for a coconut milk hot chocolate and my mother had an oat milk latte. The hot chocolate was rich and luxurious. Perfection.


Our verdict 

My mother and I had a spectacular time at Lele’s. The ambiance within the cafe was super chilled, the staff were really helpful and the food was delectable. We weren’t able to finish everything so we took some of the cakes home in a couple of boxes. The girls kindly labelled what was in each box which was really helpful when it came to mama and I parting ways.

If you’re looking for vegan afternoon tea then i’d recommend Lele’s. It may be a little out of the way but it is worth the detour.


If you’ve got any other recommendations for vegan afternoon tea in London or anywhere else then let me know in the comments. Afternoon tea is my favourite kind of meal.


50 Lower Clapton Road,
E5 0RN, London, UK


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