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When the boyfriend was living in Amsterdam I had the opportunity to explore the supermarkets of The Netherlands.  It is a must-do for me when abroad.  You can discover so much about a country just by what they stock in their supermarkets. Why not give it a go on your next trip?

Anyway, I digress. The chocolate bars that caught my eye (due to their colourful packaging) were Tony’s Chocolonely. They had a number of dark chocolate variants with unusual flavours, such as rosemary, and pecan and coconut. The bars were also very thick. Think more Dairy Milk thickness than Green and Blacks. I feel that that is something that we’re lacking in the vegan chocolate market; thick bars of delicious chocolate.


About Tony’s Chocolonely 

Tony's ChocolonelyThe story of how Tony’s Chocolonely came about is a powerful one which centres around making Fair-Trade chocolate that says no to the use of slavery within the cocoa industry. The founder’s name is Teun van de Keuken, a Dutch television journalist who brought to the forefront (child) slavery within the chocolate industry on the consumer report TV show Keuringsdienst van Waarde. You can read the full story here.

Off the back of that he started to make Fair Trade chocolate with his very first Fair Trade Tony’s Chocolonely bars launching in 2005. They’ve been successful to date, but their number one priority remains the same: to eradicate slavery from the global chocolate industry.


What products do Tony’s Chocolonely have?

Tony's Chocolonely All their dark chocolate bars are vegan and the have a range of flavour combinations.

  • Extra Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Pecan Coconut
  • Dark Almond Sea Salt
  • Dark Coffee Crunch
  • Dark Rosemary

Each bar comes in such eye-catching packaging that you can’t miss them in the supermarket. Just make sure that you pick up the vegan ones as they sell milk and white chocolate too.


Why I like Tonys Chocolonely chocolate bars

There are three main reasons why I support this brand:

  1. Taste. Their dark chocolate is quite frankly scrumptious. It does not have that heavy cocoa taste that you get from some dark chocolate, nor does it taste sugary. Instead it is smooth and almost doesn’t taste like a dark chocolate bar at all. Their flavour combinations are also unique and clearly well thought-out. I mean…rosemary? Really? Trust me, it works…
  2. Size. Tony’s Chocolonely is not stingy on the thickness of their bars. One of my bugbears since becoming vegan is that all the vegan chocolate bars are about three millimetres thick. Tony’s Chocolonely are chunky and I love that.
  3. Mission. Tony’s Chocolonely’s number one priority is to eradicate slavery from the global chocolate industry and that’s something that I can only but admire.

Tony's Chocolonely My favourite Tony’s Chocolonely bar is the Pecan Coconut. Ah so good.


Where can you buy Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars?

Now this is the annoying bit for us in the UK. At the moment they do not sell or ship to the UK, although they may launch into UK stores in 2018. They do however sell in the Netherlands (of course), Germany and the US. So if you’re off on holiday to any of those locations then be sure to pick some up.

Fingers crossed for 2018!

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