Tips for dining out vegan

Tips for dining out vegan

You’ll all know by now that I’m a bit of a foodie. I love dining out and socialising with friends and over the years I’ve mastered a few tricks to make sure that me being vegan doesn’t become the topic of conversation at the table.

I’m sure that most of you will have experienced questions such as “what are you going to eat?” and concerned faces saying “damn we should have looked at the menu beforehand” or “oh you should have said something.” Whether we like it or not, this can become slightly uncomfortable and is why i try to preempt and avoid it. Don’t get me wrong, I like to spread the vegan word but there’s a time and a place.


Tips for dining out vegan

Phone ahead

If you know where you’re going my top tip is to phone up the restaurant/bar/pub/cafe in advance. Fairly often they’ll either tell you what they can make vegan on their menu or they’ll arrange for something to be made especially for you on the day.

Get creative

There have been times where we’ve spontaneously stopped somewhere which does not have any vegan options but it’s too late to move location as people have already started to eye up what they’d like to eat. In these cases I like to get creative. There are a few things that i tend to do.

  1. See what i can make vegan by removing an ingredient or two, for example, cheese.
  2. Make a tapas meal out of the sides.
  3. Depending on what your sides are and what kind of restaurant, you could ask for them to make you a vegetable pasta, couscous or risotto dish.

Voice your opinion 

It’s absolutely within your right to voice your opinion. If someone suggests to eat somewhere where you know that the vegan options are scarce then say so. As the picky one i tend to say to people, don’t worry, let me know the location and price range and i’ll come back with some options. This way you’re providing choice but also know that you’ll get a good meal as you would have done your research beforehand.


I hope that these tips are useful. As more and more restaurants offer vegan options and even menus this is becoming less of an issue, however it still can be.

If you have any tips for dining out vegan then comment below. 



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