The Real Greek has launched a vegan menu!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the launch event for The Real Greek’s new vegan menu, which is now available at all of their restaurants.

The vegan menu – which is thirty dishes strong – has been created in collaboration with Greek cook Tonia Buxton in response to the growing demand for flavoursome vegan options. You may be surprised to hear that historically much of Greek cuisine was centred around vegetables, fruit, bread and of course olive oil. Even today through Sarakosti (Greek Lent) many Greeks abstain from eating meat and animal derived products during these 40 days.

It’s therefore fitting that with the number of vegans in Britain having risen by 360% in the last decade that The Real Greek leads the way and introduces a dedicated vegan menu.


So, what’s on the menu?

Whether you fancy hot food, cold food, sweet food or savoury food this menu has it all. We were able to sample a number of their dishes but here are a few of my favourites.


Cold Meze

I’m a big fan of cold meze dishes. I love sitting around a table with friends, a glass of wine in hand, chatting away and sharing food. Before as a vegan there were only a few dishes to choose from but now there are plenty!

  • Green pea fava (mashed gren peas with olive oil and lemon, topped with red onion and tomato)

Green Pea Fava, The Real Greek's Vegan Menu

  • Santorini fava (yellow lentils from Santorini cooked and blended with herbs and spices) – addictive!
  • Spicy walnut and red pepper dip (a spicy dip with red peppers and walnuts)
  • Beetroot and lentil salad (green lentils and beetroot in a tangy lemon dressing)
  • Melitzanosalata (a light and fragrant blend of smoked aubergine, garlic, shallots and lemon)

The Real Greek Vegan Menu

These are the dishes that i tried but i have to admit that the Santorini fava was my favourite, followed by the walnut and red pepper dip which had some heat to it!


Hot Meze

One dish that i miss in particular is Moussaka, so I was delighted to see it on the menu. Although it doesn’t have the béchamel sauce, the flavours of the jackfruit mixed with the potato and the other vegetables still made me reminisce of a moussaka that i’d had on holiday in Kefalonia. Delicious.

  • Vegan moussaka (layered potato, courgette, aubergine and slow-cooked jackfruit mix, cooked with cinnamon for a deep delicious flavour)

Moussaka, The Real Greek's Vegan Menu

The falafels were equally good. I thought that i’d grown a little tired of falafels but these were so fragrant and rich in flavour, i adored them. The also came with a tahini dip which was unbelievably tasty.

  • Falafel (served with a tahini dip, pickled celery and carrot, tomato and onion salsa and a sprinkle of sweet paprika)

Falafel, The Real Greek's Vegan Menu


Souvlaki Wraps

Can you believe it, they had souvlaki wraps. We tried the Jackfruit Gyros which had a lovely flavour and the wrap itself was so soft.

Souvlaki Jackfruit Wrap, The Real Greek's Vegan Menu



To finish the evening we sampled their desserts, which included a vegan baklava…omg…heaven...and vanilla ice cream which is made with almond milk. I’ve never been a fan of vanilla ice cream but i really enjoyed The Real Greek’s vegan version. I would happily eat a bowl of it. In fact let’s make that a tub…

Vegan Baklava, The Real Greek's Vegan Menu


What i love about The Real Greek’s vegan menu is that it’s made from vegetables, pulses and grains. There’s no fake meat in any of their dishes which i personally prefer. You can view the full vegan menu here.

I had an absolutely fantastic evening with great company, which included Jess from Simply Living Vegan and Sarah from Sarah Kirby Blog.

Thank you to The Real Greek for inviting me!


What will you be trying first from The Real Greek’s vegan menu? 




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