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Nine vegan pizza options. Not one, not two, but nine!

I had been stalking the Grove Café on Instagram…as you do…and was in awe of their vegan options. They have a separate vegan section on their menu that has a range of pizzas, burgers and curries. I’ve not come across a non-vegan only restaurant that has so many options for dietary requirements. You can only but be impressed.

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Overwhelmed with choice I sat on the edge of my bed scrolling up and down the menu and in the end reverted to eenie meenie miney mo. However I couldn’t decide between pizza or curry…so I ordered both. Too much for one person I know, but as a dedicated blogger I wanted to be able to share my opinion on both. Oh hell, it was because I’m an indecisive individual, let’s be honest.

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the Grove Café Soya Delight Pizza

The Grove Café’s pizzas are made from spring wheat flour and virgin olive oil, which is meant to give the crust a hearty flavour. The bases are fresh and kneaded by hand and they use vegan cheese at no extra cost, which is great. You can choose between a 9″ or 12″ thin pan pizza depending on how hungry you are.

I decided upon a 9″ thin pan Soya Delight Pizza, which was topped with roasted tofu, mushrooms, peppers and vegan cheese and then I added pineapple. It was so hard to decide which pizza to choose out of the nine as Grove Café is innovative with their topping combinations. To give you an idea, here are some of their other options.

· Foragers Favourite Pizza: Roasted tofu, jalapenos, green peppers and pineapple.
·         Ammazoni Pizza: BBQ base, meat free chicken, wild rocket eaves topped with vegan cheese.
·        buy metoclopramide injection  Viva Pizza: Courgettes, sweetcorn, artichokes and mushrooms topped with vegan cheese.

I really enjoyed my Soya Delight Pizza. Although the base was no sourdough (my all-time favourite) the toppings made up for it. They gave you a generous portion of tofu on the top, which was crispy and seasoned in the right way. I would never have thought of putting tofu on a pizza, but somehow it worked.

In terms of price you cannot fault them. My pizza cost £6 once I’d added the pineapple, cheap as chips!


The Grove Café Vegan Pasanda

I ordered the Vegan Pasanda, which I was really looking forward to. Unfortunately, it was a bit disappointing. There were hardly any vegetables in the dish. I found a few small floating pieces of potato and I think a few blocks of swede in the sauce, but it was difficult to tell. The dish was mainly sauce and it lacked flavour. I would not recommend.

To go with it I ordered their Peshwari Naan. I always used to order Peshwari Naan when I was a non-vegan so I was excited to see that they had a vegan version, but again it was really disappointing. The bread was hard and crispy which is not how a Naan bread should be. It should be fluffy and light with coconut and sultanas spread throughout and this was nothing like that.

From a price point of view, you’re paying around the same amount that you would for a vegan curry in an all Indian restaurant. Around the £6 mark.


Overall verdict

It is really good to see that restaurants are starting to provide more than one vegan option on their menu. The Grove Café has gone above and beyond that and created an entire menu, which I think is pretty impressive.

If you’re looking for pizza with interesting toppings that you’re just not going to get from Pizza Express, Zizi’s, Prezzo or Franco Manca, then I would recommend The Grove Café. However if you’re looking for a good curry, then I would go to an actual Indian Restaurant.

I will be ordering form the Grove Café again as I think that it’s important to support businesses that make such an effort to cater for dietary requirements. Besides, I need to try some more of those pizzas!

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