The Gate, Islington

If you asked ten people to name three vegetarian restaurants in London i reckon that at least seven out of ten would mention The Gate. The Gate is a longstanding vegetarian restaurant with it’s original branch opening in 1989 by brothers Adrian and Michael Daniel. They serve gourmet vegetarian food and defy the stereotype of vegetarians and vegans alike eating lettuce, aka rabbit food. 

The Gate now has three branches located in Islington, Marylebone and Hammersmith and you’ll find the same exquisite menu across all three.


The Gate, Islington Restaurant Review 

I was surprised when i read the menu to see that the majority of the dishes were in fact vegan. Many had an Asian/Middle Eastern vibe but there was also a Mexican dish and what i can only describe as a Germanic dish too.

Top tip: If you can’t decide what to eat, check out the restaurants page on Instagram. It will give you a better idea of the portions and of course what you’re getting. 

As we were visiting for lunch we decided to skip starters, but quite honestly i could have devoured most of that section.


Aubergine Schnitzel

For main i chose the Aubergine Schnitzel. When i lived in Germany there was never a vegan version so i took it upon myself to try it at The Gate and oh my did it not disappoint. The horseradish sauce was velvety smooth and creamy and contrasted so well with the crunchy shell to the grilled layered aubergine. I wish that i knew how to recreate this one as it was divine.

Grilled aubergine layered with cashew cheese & basil pesto, roasted pepper, tomato, served with new potato, caramelised onion, sauté kale & horseradish sauce



My friend opted for the Tacos which smelt incredible. I was a little bit jealous of the avocado salsa, but that’s my avocado obsession shining through. What i would say is that with both dishes the portions were larger than average. Half way through my main i realised that i probably wasn’t going to be able to eat a dessert to myself. Shameful.

Tacos filled with refried pinto beans, on a red mole sauce served with tomato, avocado & baby gem salsa


Polenta Chips  

As a side we went for polenta chips and for one and one reason only. Every single table in the restaurant when we arrived had them on their table. I’ve never tried polenta chips before but oh my, they were crunchy but al dente on the inside and paired perfectly with the garlic aioli. I wish that every restaurant served these. Sweet potato fries stand aside, there’s a new chip in town.

Chunky herb polenta chips with garlic aioli


Soft Cappuccino Cheesecake

Beautifully presented with a vibrant edible flower as a crown, this cheesecake looked to be the bee’s knees. However i have to say that i was not a massive fan. Since being vegan i’ve tried so many cakes (more than i care to admit) and i found this one a little too light in texture and powdery. Unfortunately this dessert wasn’t for me.

Coffee flavoured vegan cheesecake with a hazelnut base & mocha cream


Overall i was thoroughly impressed with The Gate. It wasn’t as expensive as i expected it to be and the restaurant itself has a very nice ambiance. Somehow we sat there for two and a half hours and weren’t ushered away. You know what happens when two friends get together. Chat, chat and more chat.

If you’d like to check out The Gate’s menu then click here.


Have you eaten at The Gate? What did you think? 


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