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The boyfriend and I are creatures of habit. We tend to go to the same restaurants again and again, however we’ve made a pact to try new places. We needed to branch out of our comfort zone of Indian, Indian and more Indian.

Thai Corner is a restaurant in Reading that I’ve passed numerous times but always discounted because it looks like a pub from the outside and didn’t scream “nice Thai” to me. However, in the spirit of giving new restaurants a go we walked in and oh my, it was not what I expected at all.

Thai Corner Reading

What we ate at Thai Corner

I was surprised to see that there was a Vegetarian Menu with plenty of vegan options. Whenever this happens I take a sharp inhale of breath as it means decisions and that’s so rare. I sat there contemplating what to have as the boyfriend twiddled his thumbs and telepathically tried to tell me to hurry up and so I chose the first thing on the menu!



For starter I had Poh Pia Tod, aka spring rolls filled with bean vermicelli, dried mushrooms, shredded cabbage and carrots. They were crispy on the outside with the perfect amount of filling and came with a sweet chilli sauce. A standard dish but tasty.

Thai Corner Reading
Other vegan starters included:

  • Laab Tofu: Spicy tofu salad with herbs in lime chilli vinaigrette.
  • Tempura Pak: Deep fried mixed vegetables in batter served with sweet chilli sauce.
  • Tom Yum Hed Soup: Hot and sour soup with mushrooms, fresh chilli and lemongrass.
  • Tom Kha Hed Soup: Coconut soup with mushrooms, galangal and lemongrass.



For main I had the Tofu Pad Med Mamung, which was stir-fried bean curd with vegetables and cashew nuts and a side of sticky rice. Unfortunately my main arrived without cashew nuts and I had to send it back. However the waitress returned with another dish so quickly that the boyfriend hadn’t even hoovered down half his meal in the time. I’m telling you that that’s an accomplishment. Tofu Pad Med Mamung was truly delicious with beancurd cooked to perfection and pineapple included in the mixed vegetables. Delicious.

Thai Corner Reading

Other vegan main dishes included:

  • Priew Wan Pak Stir-fried mixed vegetables in Thai sweet and sour sauce.
  • Tofu Bai Kha Prow: Stir-fried bean curd with fresh chilli, garlic and basil leaves.
  • Pad Khing Tofu: Stir-fried bean curd with ginger, spring onion, and wood ear mushrooms.


Final verdict 

Thai Corner pleasantly surprised me. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover and in this case that’s completely true. Thai Corner is a charming restaurant and clearly very popular with locals. We visited on a weekday and it filled up quickly.

In terms of food it was fresh and balanced with decent sized portions offering good value for money. The staff were attentive and the decor was beautiful.  Overall the restaurant had a good vibe and although I said that we’re trying new restaurants – which we are – we will be returning to Thai Corner again.

You can find out more about Thai Corner here.


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