Snack Organisation Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Since turning vegan my biggest challenge has been finding foods to fill the void that milk chocolate has left. There’s no question that I have a sweet tooth and with Malteasers no longer an option, I’ve been on the hunt for alternatives.

Whilst browsing the cooking aisle in Tescos I came across the Snack Organisation’s Freeze-Dried Strawberries and thought, hey presto, let’s give those a try.


About Snack Organisation

From what I can tell Snack Organisation is a fairly new UK company. I had never heard of them before I saw their freeze-dried strawberries sitting on the shelf in Tesco, but their product range is larger than freeze-dried fruit, they also produce crunchy flavoured rice crackers.


What freeze-dried products do they have?

If you’re in the mood for freeze-dried fruit you’ve got three options

  1. Strawberries (yummy)
  2. Apples
  3. Pineapples

I’ve only tried the strawberries which were surprisingly chunky and durable considering they’d travelled at the bottom of my bag under a laptop and not turned to powder. I did enjoy eating these in the afternoon and was not phased by the slightly pink hue my fingers turned as I tried to get every last crumb out of the 18g bag. So small. Too small. Wanted more.

Snack Organisation Strawberries


Where can you buy them and at what price?

At £1 for an 18g bag they’re not cheap, but they are sweet, crunchy and gave me the pick me up I needed at 3pm in the office.

You can buy them at Tesco or on their website here.


Final verdict

I’d buy these again as a treat, but they won’t be making a regular occurrence in my lunch box due to the price tag. You can definitely get better value for money from other snacks than these babies, so it is a yay but not a yay for every day.


Have you tried any of the Snack Organisations products?

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