Sail La Maddalena Islands with Dea Del Mare

Sardinia is a beautiful island with crystal clear water, bright skies and mountainous scenery. It’s a place of both relaxation and adventure, for both friends and families.

Having recently visited the North-East of Sardinia there’s one activity that stands out in my mind. The boat trip that we took around La Maddalena Islands.


What company did we choose? 

There are plenty of companies to choose from in Palau harbour, but I recommend going on a sailing boat with as few people as possible. It will cost you slightly more but the experience will be much better.

The company we chose was called Dea Del Mare. They had a few different boats and we opted for a sailing boat called Ignuzza with a max of 12 people. It cost €85 per person for a whole day starting at 930 and finishing at 530 with all drinks and food included. Our crew were called Mario and Marcus who were a delight and looked after us remarkably well.

Ignuzza, Dea Del Mare ToursWith the wind being good we had the opportunity to sail, so Mario would tell you where to sit to counter the weight of the wind. This meant that we had our legs dangling off the side a lot of the time as we glided along with all worries left behind. 

La Maddalena Islands, Sardinia


What beaches did we stop at? 

We first anchored at the beautiful coves around Spargi island for an hour where you could have a swim or sunbathe on deck. Mario stopped a distance away from the beaches but always offered to take you to the beach by a dinghy motor boat. However if you can swim well then it was never a huge distance.

La Maddalena Islands, SardiniaWe also went to the beautiful Pink Beach (Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli Island), which is protected so you can’t walk on it. To be able to see the beach from land, Mario took us to the next cove and then brought us on land via the dinghy motor boat. We then climbed up through the shrubbery so that we could see the pink beach closer up. It wasn’t super pink but it had a tinge.

Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli Island, Sardinia Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli Island, SardiniaSpiaggia Rosa, Budelli Island, SardiniaWe stopped at a few other places after that and you can see a full itinerary on their website.


What did we have for lunch? 

Food and drink was included in the price so throughout the day Mario and Marcus provided local wine and crisps. For lunch they prepared a range of antipasti such as bruschetta and olives followed by pasta with sauce. I’d told them that I was vegan when I booked so they made a fresh tomato sauce separately for me. It was delicious. After they offered coffee and to finish off some mirto liquor. I opted against the mirto as to be honest I’d had a little too much wine. However they certainly weren’t skimpy on the food. I felt very well fed.


Why recommend Dea Del Mar?

This trip was a stand out on my Sardinia holiday. Mario and Marcus were fantastic hosts and with such a small group there was plenty of space to enjoy the boat as well as the scenery. I felt very well looked after during the day and was able to completely relax.

La Maddalena Islands, SardiniaIf you’re thinking about visiting La Maddalena Islands then this is a must do. For me, it was well worth the money and an experience that i’ll never forget.



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