Rosa’s Thai Cafe

The first time I encountered Rosa’s Thai was a couple of years ago in Soho before heading to the theatre. I remember thoroughly enjoying it, but then so many other new restaurants popped up that I failed to return. That was until I stumbled across another branch of Rosa’s Thai whilst visiting a friend in Angel. As soon as I saw the sign my mouth started watering and I knew that that was where we were going to stop for lunch. It didn’t take much persuading either.

Rosa's Thai Cafe, London

About Rosa’s Thai

Rosa’s Thai is owned by Alex and Saiphin Moore a British husband and Thai wife team. They started off as a street stall on Brick Lane in 2008 and have since grown their restaurant business to cover eight locations, Angel, Brixton, Carnaby, Chelsea, Soho, Spitalfields, Victoria and Westfield Stratford.

They provide fresh authentic Thai cuisine in a relaxed cafe style atmosphere making it a great place to relax and catch up with family and friends.

Rosa's Thai Cafe, London

What I ate at Rosa’s Thai

Whenever I visit a Thai restaurant my go to meal is a Vegetable Thai Green Curry with Tofu and plain boiled rice. I find the sweetness of the coconut milk and the spices from the green curry comforting and you can rarely go wrong. She says.

Top tip: Always ask if they use fish sauce in their curry paste. If they say yes, ask them if they can make without. Rosa’s Thai did this no problem. 

Rosa's Thai Cafe, London

When the portion arrived, “I should have ordered two” ran through my mind as the portion looked so small. However the bowl was like Mary Poppin’s bag and deceptively deep so my mild panic of leaving the restaurant hungry faded. Oh I sound like a bit of a pig don’t I!?

Once I dug in, Rosa’s Green Curry did not disappoint. It was slightly richer than other Green Curries that i’ve tried, but with my sweet tooth I didn’t mind. It also had the perfect balance of spices where it was hot without stopping you from tasting everything else. My only negative would be that there was not enough tofu included. I counted three pieces and I personally think that there should have been more.


Overall verdict 

I really liked the ambiance in Rosa’s. It’s very relaxed, with you being able to hear the person you’re dining with as there’s no loud music blaring. The service is incredibly quick and the food is tasty and reasonably priced for London. If you’re pressed for time or looking for somewhere to pop into before  the theatre then I’d recommend the Soho branch as you’re only a stone’s throw from the theatres.


What’s your favourite Thai restaurant in London? 


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