Purezza, the UK’s first vegan pizzeria is now open in London

If you’re a pizza obsessive like me then you’ll be pleased to know that Purezza, the UK’s first vegan pizzeria, has opened a second restaurant in London. Our pizza dreams have come true!

Purezza originally opened in Brighton in 2015 introducing the locals to a flavour packed menu of Italian   Sourdough pizzas, which left anyone situated outside of Brighton drooling over their pictures on Instagram. I put my hand up, i was one of them. I was therefore over the moon when i heard that Purezza were opening a branch in London and headed over there swiftly.


Eating Vegan at Purezza, Camden

Purezza Camden

I was lucky enough to be invited to Purezza’s pre-opening event at their new restaurant in Camden. In the company of fellow bloggers Jess from Simply Living Vegan, Sarah from Sarah Kirby Blog and their other halves we ate a lot of food. Read on to find out what we ate and what we’d recommend.


Garlic Bread with Garlic Puree & Rosemary

Purezza Camden

To start we eased ourselves in with their garlic bread and five dips. You can add cheese and/or extra garlic, but it was crispy garlic-y goodness as it was. The five dips we tried were garlic mayo, spicy sriracha, pesto, caramelised hummus and wood smoked bbq. The pesto and garlic mayo were definitely my favourites and we kept them to go with our pizzas. You need something to dip your crusts into right? 


Portobello Road Pizza

For main i had the Portobello Road, which made my heart sing. The San Marzano tomato base was topped with roasted portobello and chestnut mushrooms, juicy sun-dried tomatoes, a sprinkle of rocket and a few dollops of silky smooth Silken Tofu Ricotta. All of the flavours complimented each other well and the ricotta was a dream.

Purezza Camden


Season.4.Pizza.1 & Couch Potato 

The Season.4.Pizza.1, a cheeseless pizza, was topped with marinated artichokes, black olives, oven roasted chestnut mushrooms, smoked beetroot carpaccio and salad cress. A classic combo that smelt divine. The Couch Potato in contrast had a white base with smoked mozzarella, fried aubergines, oven roasted potatoes, basil leaves, seitan and a drizzle of garlic mayo. That’s right, garlic mayo. I will be ordering this one next time. Potato on pizza, who knew such a combination existed! Carb heaven.

Purezza Camden


Parmigiana Party

The last pizza that i tried was the Parmigiana Party. Jess kindly gave me a slice, after all sharing is caring! It was no surprise that there was going to be a pizza on the menu with a vegan’s cupboard staple, nutritional yeast aka nooch. The Parmigiana Party was topped with smoked mozzarella, fried aubergine, tofu sausage and basil leaves. It had a real smokey cheese flavour, which i loved. It’s a flavour that i haven’t found that well recreated anywhere else, until this pizza came along.

Purezza Camden



Since becoming vegan i’ve tried quite a few vegan Mac’n’Cheese recipes, my favourite being from Terra Vegane. They’ve all varied in taste and texture and this one from Purezza was no different. Purezza’s version leaned on the slightly sweeter side than savoury. Personally it wasn’t for me, but it would be good as a side to share if you’re dining with a Mac’n’Cheese lover.

Purezza Camden


Chocolate Brownie & Raw Tiramisu 

As if we hadn’t eaten enough we launched ourselves into dessert. The chocolate brownie had a hard shell like exterior which once you’d broken through melted into a decadently rich chocolate centre. Hands down the best brownie i have ever tried. Indulgence on a plate. The raw tiramisu was a much lighter dessert, creamy in texture with a natural sweetness that came form the Medjool dates.

Purezza Camden

As the finale we had the renowned Oreo Pizza. For all us pizza loving chocoholics our prayers have been answered. The delicious sourdough pizza base was topped with a creamy hazelnut chocolate spread, a drizzle of mascarpone sauce and of course, Oreos. I have no words to describe this, but i’ll share some advice with you. Find a buddy, or two, or three to eat this with, otherwise you’ll be sure to get a crazy sugar high.

Purezza Camden


Why try Purezza? 

Over the last couple of years a number of Italian restaurants have started to cater for vegans, Zizzi’s being one of the first to do so with their vegan cheese and mini vegan menu. Pizza Express followed suit mid last year by introducing a vegan mozzarella alternative and Pizza Hut jumped on the bandwagon in January shortly after a successful trial of their vegan cheese. However it’s nice to have a fully vegan pizzeria to go to where you can devour anything on the menu, which we did. Food baby alert! 


Fancy a slice? Head over to Camden or Brighton and try Purezza’s extensive menu. 
Which will you choose to try first? 

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