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Before arriving in Sardinia I did some extensive research to find vegan restaurants. To my surprise I came up empty handed for the north-east of Sardinia. I did however find some options in Cagliari in the south and Alghero in the north-west, but even then options were few and far between. I soon realised that I was going to have to discover food on foot and probably eat a lot of pizza senza mozzarella. Not that I’m complaining.

One evening we got the ferry to La Maddalena from Palau for dinner and stopped at a restaurant called the Perla Blu, which by absolute chance had a vegan menu. Hurrah! Proof that sometimes you just have to go with the flow.


About Perla Blu

Perla Blue, La Maddalena, SardiniaThe Perla Blu is a restaurant in La Maddalena overlooking the port of Cala Gavetta in the very heart of the La Maddalena archipelago. It’s in the perfect spot to do a bit of people watching whilst sipping on a glass of wine, or prosecco, whatever your tipple.

Top tip: if you arrive before the dinner rush at seven then you can get a table on the terrace overlooking the port and watch the sky turn a beautiful pink as the sun sets.

Perla Blue, La Maddalena, SardiniaThe restaurant has recently introduced a vegan menu with not just one option, but multiple. Having eaten my fair share of cheese-less pizza’s on this trip I was enamoured to see a vegan menu with variety. I think that I let out a small squeal of happiness at the sight.

Perla Blue, La Maddalena, Sardinia


What I ate at Perla Blu 

The vegan menu at Perla Blu included starters, mains and dessert. As I had my eye on a gelateria that we passed on the way I opted for a main only and had their flour gnocchetti with cream of avocado, zucchini and pistachio nuts. They gave you a very generous portion and it was truly delicious. The gnocchetti were small and the perfect consistency. They weren’t too soft or chewy but instead melted in your mouth. The avocado sauce was creamy in a way that made me forget this meal was vegan and I could have eaten this every night of my trip and have been a very happy lady.

Perla Blue, La Maddalena, SardiniaThe other dish that caught my eye was their risotto with banana, hazelnuts and lavender flowers. However you needed a minimum of two people for that and I couldn’t quite convince my friend to jump onboard.


Final verdict 

I feel like I found a needle in a haystack with the Perla Blu as vegan menus are not easy to find in Sardinia. Although I only had one dish, from the presentation of their food and the attention to detail when it comes to flavours, I can only imagine that the rest of the vegan menu is delicious too.

The restaurant staff were also professional and not overbearing. We must have sat on the terrace for a couple of hours as we finished our bottle of wine between us and at no point did the staff try to rush us off.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at the Perla Blu. If you’re visiting La Maddalena or Palau then be sure to visit the Perla Blu for a vegan feast. It will not disappoint.


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