Perrywood Garden Centre’s Vegan Menu

Carpets of flowers, cacti galore, beautiful hanging baskets and interior decor. Perrywood Garden Centre is a place of dreams for a budding or seasoned gardener and it’s now also a go to location for a vegan feast.

A couple of years ago you’d have been lucky to find a menu with more than one vegetarian option outside of London, but now you find vegan menus in the most unlikely of places and Perrywood Garden Centre in Essex is one of those.

Before you get to the cafe you’ll walk past vibrant flowers, cute little cacti and lots of gardening equipment – much of which i’d never heard of before. It’s a surprisingly big area and you could spend hours perusing the aisles. However we’re here to talk about their vegan menu, so let me take you through it.


The Vegan Menu at Perrywood Garden Centre 

You’ll find that Perrywood have their very own Vegan Lunch Specials Menu, so you’ll be spoilt for choice – seven to be precise and that doesn’t include any additional specials they put on the board!

What’s more, Perrywood have steered away from the usual vegan options such as mushroom risotto, or pasta with tomato sauce and instead provided a range of options that leaves you pondering what you want. There’s choice. Lots of choice.


What we ate for lunch 

As i visited with my parents, Mum had the oven baked puff pastry shell filled with pesto and oven roasted vegetables, which came with a side salad. I have to say that it did look very impressive. My Dad and I both sneaked a bite and loved the taste of the pesto vegetables. It was an innovative and delicious meal and something that i’ll be replicating at home.

My Dad chose the board special which was a butternut and chickpea curry served with rice, naan bread and mango chutney. A delicious combo and something that I tend to make at home. The curry went down a treat with one comment that it could have had a bit more of a kick to it, but that opinion will differ depending on your tolerance to spice. Ours is fairly high!

I went for the butternut and three bean chilli which came with basmati rice and tortilla chips. I’ve been making my own three bean chilli at home so i was keen to try another and it was a success! It was a mild chilli, but it meant that you could taste the sweetness of the butternut squash and the beans. A hearty and wholesome meal. Thumbs up from me.


What we ate for dessert 

You may have thought that we were full after those three mains – which we were – but you can always make room for dessert!

We opted for two desserts between us. A chocolate cake and a cherry and apricot flapjack. Now, we all immediately tucked into the chocolate cake…there were fork wars going on…however the flapjack was by far our favourite. I’m not usually a flapjack kind of girl but i take my hat off to you Perrywood, this flapjack was sensational. It actually reminded me of an Indian sweet, but I can’t put my finger on which one. If you visit Perrywood get this flapjack. It will not disappoint.


Visiting Perrywood made for a lovely Saturday outing, especially as it was the first day of sun that we’d seen in the UK this Spring. What’s more the vegan options at Perrywood Garden Centre were delicious and unexpected. When i visit my parents again we’ll be making a return trip. I imagine that it will be beautiful to visit in summertime.


Perrywood Garden Centre
Kelvedon Road, Inworth,
Tiptree, Essex


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