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I’m a self confessed chocoholic. That’s right, i love chocolate. Before i became vegan eating a family bag of Malteasers for dinner was a common occurrence. I wouldn’t recommend it!

Now that i’m vegan my sweet tooth hasn’t taken a back seat and i’ve discovered a range of vegan chocolate, my latest favourite being Ombar Chocolate. Although i’m now out of the ridiculous phase of eating family size quantities of chocolate for dinner, i still like to eat a piece every now and then and Ombar has been satisfying that craving nicely.


5 reasons why i love Ombar Chocolate

Ombar Chocolate Bars

It’s Raw

Raw chocolate is good for the mind, the body and of course the taste buds. Most chocolate is made by roasting cacao at high heat which dehydrates it and reduces its natural goodness. Ombar with their philosophy to create a healthier chocolate bar unsurprisingly takes a different approach. Their cacao goes through a low-temp process meaning that is stays packed full of nutrients and keeps its rich flavour.


It’s made in the UK

The founder, Richard, started Ombar in 2007 in Cambridge and here it has flourished and moved to a larger premises. It’s great to see UK businesses being successful in this sector.


It’s ethical and organic 

Ombar is a company that sources its ingredients directly from farmers’ cooperatives and makes sure that everyone along the supply chain is compensated fairly. The beans are also grown in conditions which the Soil Association has certified as organic and you won’t find any gluten, dairy or refined sugar in their bars. Instead they use Ecuadorian cacao, unrefined coconut sugar and juicy fruits.


It tastes great

When you talk to people about raw chocolate you tend to see them screw up their face at the thought of it being bitter. However, with good quality cacao you can avoid that bitter taste and that’s exactly what Ombar have done. They use cacao from Ecuador which produces a creamy, smooth and delicate flavour.


Their range of flavours

Ombar Centres Coconut & Vanilla

Ombar has eleven varieties in their 35g size, meaning that there’s a bar to suit every taste! Their flavours are:

  • 90% Raw Cacao
  • 72% Raw Cacao
  • Coco Mylk
  • Goji Berry
  • Coconut 60%
  • Lemon & Gren Tea
  • Blueberry & Acai
  • Strawberry Mylk
  • Cranberry & Mandarin
  • Coconut & Vanilla Centres
  • Raspberry & Coconut Centres


They also have three varieties in their 70g size:

  • Coco Mylk
  • Coco Almond
  • 72% Raw Cacao

Ombar Coco Mylk

I absolutely adore the Coco Mylk and the Coconut & Vanilla Centres. So smooth and rich in flavour, they’re the perfect after dinner treat.


Where can you buy Ombar Chocolate? 

They’re available from Ocado, Planet Organic, Whole Foods Market, Waitrose (70g bars only) and independent health food stores, or online here. RRP £1.99 (35g) and £2.99 (70g).


Have you tried Ombar Chocolate before? Which is your favourite flavour? 


Please note, some of these products were sent to me but all opinions are my own.

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