The Nomad Bakery

I’ve been following Nomad Bakery on Instagram for a while, lusting over their vegan delights. With my parents over for the weekend it was the perfect opportunity to pay Nomad a visit and sample the food for myself.


About Nomad Bakery

Nomad Bakery, Caversham, Reading, UKYou’ll find Nomad Bakery in Caversham in Reading, a town just outside of London. It actually started as a Pop-up Supper Club and after much success evolved into an airy yet vibrant cafe, unique to anything around it. The interior is a tad Scandinavian-esque, with wooden tables and bookshelves filled with recipe books. The walls have chalkboards listing their drinks menu and dishes of the day. It’s also very child friendly with a a box of toys at the door to keep those little ones occupied.

Nomad events 

Nomad regularly hosts events that you can register for, such as intros to coffee, mediterranean dinners, vegan feasts and much more. I have to say that i’m thoroughly impressed by the range of events they offer. Having lived in London events like this are commonplace but I felt that it was missing in Reading. They’ve filled a gap and there’s definitely something for everyone.

Vegan friendly? 

Hell yeah! Nomad offers plenty of allergy free options which are clearly labelled on their menu.  If you’re lucky they’ll also have a few extra things that they’ve whipped up that day on the counter. All their soups are vegan and gluten free and if you’re with a non-vegan then they can add dairy or meat to their dishes as they wish. They’re very flexible.

Nomad Bakery, Caversham, Reading, UK

What I ate at Nomad Bakery 

My parents and I went to Nomad Bakery for breakfast. They had a range of smoothies, teas and coffees and offered soya, almond and oat milk. I had an almond latte which was delicious although the girl on the table next to me ordered what looked like a berry smoothie that I was sightly envious of.

For food I ordered their Banana Bliss, which was an open faced sandwich with peanut butter and banana on one slice and cinnamon and banana mash on the other topped with coconut flakes. The bread was sourdough baked at Nomad. I found it filling yet easy to digest. I wasn’t left feeling bloated in any way, just content.

Nomad Bakery, Caversham, Reading, UKMy mum ordered their granola with yogurt and fruit and told me it was delicious. To make it vegan you could have had it with oat milk but mother is a vegetarian, so she had yogurt. The presentation was cute as it was in what I would call an old fashioned glass ice cream parlour dish. When the light shined through the glass it left a beautiful pattern on the plate below, not so well displayed in this photo.

Nomad Bakery, Caversham, Reading, UKI enjoyed their food so much that at the counter they had some basil, tomato and walnut vegan tarts, one of which made it into my bag to take home for dinner. It may have got a bit squished but O-M-G did it taste incredible. The basil was strong in flavour and contrasted perfectly with the tomatoes on top. The walnuts gave it an earthiness and the sultanas a sweetness. I could have eaten three or four of these. What a creation.

Nomad Bakery Vegan Tart, Caversham, Reading

Final verdict

You can call me a fangirl of Nomad Bakery. Their chef is creative with the flavours of their dishes as well as the texture. Their food  presentation is also well thought through making you want to snap that photo before you tuck in…don’t pretend that you don’t do it too!

If you’re from Reading, then what are you waiting for? I can’t wait to go back and try their lunch dishes as they looked just as appetising.


The Nomad Bakery
10 Prospect Street

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