Mastino Pizzeria

The last time that I visited Amsterdam, Mastino was on my must visit restaurant list. I’d been lusting over their pizzas on Instagram, but unfortunately I ran out of time and never managed to check Mastino off the list.

On returning to Amsterdam we did not make the same mistake and Mastino was our first stop. The boyfriends work colleagues had referred to it as the best vegan pizza joint in the Netherlands, so we arrived with high expectations.

About Mastino

Mastino is a pizzeria that you can find in De Pijp, a vibrant area of Amsterdam with lots of bars and cafes. It’s more of a takeaway than a restaurant but they do have roughly five tables where you can sit and enjoy your pizza whilst doing a bit of people watching.

Mastino bakes traditional Italian pizza and use locally sourced organic products from the south of Italy. Their pizzas are hand made with spelt, multigrain and soya traditional flower and layered with a creative mix of toppings that leaves you spoilt for choice.

What I ate at Mastino

I went for their New Vegan Pizza which had vegan cheese, zucchini flower, dried tomatoes, sliced potatoes, zucchini sliced and black truffle oil. The thinly sliced potatoes and zucchini were not overcooked and still had a bit of a crunch to them which I liked. They paired perfectly with the subtle richness of the truffle oil and the acidity of the dried tomatoes. Put simply, this pizza topping was perfection. The base itself was thin and therefore not stodgy, however, I am a sourdough fan through and through and this base wasn’t quite on par.

Other vegan pizzas available are

  • Pizza Fancy Bree Vegan
    Vegan cheese, tropea’s onions, rucola, vegan bree (homemade) and extra virgin oil
  • Full Moon
    Pesto vegan cheese, tomato sauce, rucola, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts
  • Pizza Big Four Vegan
    4 kinds of vegan cheese, tomato sauce and extra virgin oil
  • Vegan Pizza
    Grilled vegetables, artichokes and vegan cheese


Final verdict

Mastino had a relaxed vibe with your pizza served in a pizza box rather than on a plate. You’ll sit on wooden stools surrounded by plant pots and postcards of Italian life dotting the walls. It’s in a perfect location to grab a bite and then head for some drinks with friends, or the Heineken Experience, which is very close by.

As for the food, I’m head over heels with the pizza toppings but not enamored with the base. The closest comparison I can think of is Zizzi’s pizza base in the UK. So if you’re a fan of Zizzi’s then this will not disappoint. Nonetheless I would return just for the toppings as the base is by no means bad and the toppings were insanely good.


Eerste van der Helststraat 78 hs,
1072 NZ Amsterdam


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