London’s Vegan Markets, they’re on the rise!

If you’re even vaguely active on Instagram or Twitter then you will have noticed the emergence of the Vegan Food Market. As veganism grows so does the demand for vegan options and consequently two full vegan markets have come to be in London.

It’s great to see these markets pop up as it helps raise awareness of vegan businesses, some that otherwise may not have a store front.

But that’s enough pre-amble, let me tell you about the two vegan markets in London.


Fat Gay Vegan’s Market 

Fat Gay Vegan's Market Hackney Downs


The first and probably the most well-known is Fat Gay Vegan’s market at Hackney Downs Studios. It’s free to enter and has a great vibe.

You’ll find a host of traders ready to share their vegan delights with you. Some of the regulars are “Temple of Seitan” and “Big V London” but you’ll also find some newer businesses too. They’re ever changing.

If you’re planning on visiting then I’d recommend looking at Fat Gay Vegan’s website as he tends to post what traders are going to be there each weekend. You can check it out here.

When I visited with Jess the blogger behind Simply Living Vegan we had a pie from Young Vegans and a wrap from Eat Chay. Both were delicious.

Young Vegan's Pie

Opening times

Saturday between 11am and 5pm.


Hackney Downs Studio on Amhurst Terrace E8 2BT.


Broadway Vegan Market

Broadway Vegan MarketYou may have already heard of Broadway Market; it epitomises the foodie heritage of this area. Well now it has a vegan cousin that’s opened up just a street away from Broadway with roughly 30 street food stalls. They say that it’s a market for vegans and the #vegancurious.

Some of the traders you’ll see are Eat Chay, Biff’s Jack Shack, Lele’s London and more. Again they’re ever expanding so you’re bound to find new traders each time that you visit. However it’s not just about food. You’ll find stalls serving ethically sourced coffee, hot chocolate and ice cold vegan beers whilst live music plays in the background. Just like the other market it has a nice chilled vibe.

Jess and I opted for some doughnut bites from Mitake Box. They were little balls of heaven.

The cakes from Lele’s London were also beautifully presented. They had such a large range when we visited that it was difficult to choose. I went for their brownie with popcorn pieces on top. Delicious.

Lele's London You can find out more about Broadway Vegan Market here.


Opening times

Saturday between 10am and 4pm.


London Fields Primary School, Westgate Street, London Fields, East London, E8 3RU.


Now get visiting! 


If you haven’t visited London’s Vegan Markets then what are you waiting for? They’re great places to arrange meet ups. It was actually the first time that Jess and I met in person. We had a great time on our Vegan Food Crawl. I think we should make that a hashtag. I will definitely be arranging to meet others here, perhaps in the summer when it’s a bit warmer.

Top Tip: You can visit both of these markets in a day by walking form one to another. When Jess and I visited we started at Fat Gay Vegan’s Market for our mains and then strolled across to Broadway Vegan Market for dessert. You could do it in reverse too.

I’d love to hear your opinions on the Vegan Markets of London and any others that are in your hometowns too. You never know, maybe we’ll take that #veganfoodcrawl to another city.

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