Leon Tuk Shop

Leon Tuk Shop

At the beginning of April John Vincent, the Leon boss, launched a new Asian fast food Pop Up called Tuk Shop in joint venture with Aylmer Aaharn, the Thai food group co-owned by chef David Thompson who is an impressive Thai chef and the man behind Nahm, the Michelin-starred restaurant.

Tuk Shop, which provides Thai fast food, aims to become a leading player in the Asian fast food market, providing quality food with lots of flavour.

Last week Jess and I went to try their vegan options. As a big fan of Leon i was keen to see what their take on Thai fast food would be.


Eating Vegan at Tuk Shop

Tuk Shop: Vegan Main 

Leon Tuk Shop

On the menu you’ll find two vegan options. The first is a Vegetable Curry made with shallots, tomatoes and potatoes, which is served on rice. Sadly they had run out so we tried their other vegan option which was a Pumpkin and Turmeric Braised Rice dish which came with a cucumber and fresh ginger salad. The rice was nicely spiced and with some ajdut syrup drizzled over the top it gave the dish a bit of sweetness. Unfortunately the pumpkin was undercooked and a bit tasteless. However the salad added a fresh element to the dish.

Leon Tuk Shop

To go alongside our main we couldn’t resits some baked fries. Again these were a bit undercooked, which was a shame. I find that this happens quite often in fast food chains.


Tuk Shop: Vegan Drinks 

Leon Tuk Shop

To hydrate us on the rather hot day in London i ordered the mango, turmeric and coconut smoothie and Jess ordered the cucumber, mint and ginger juice. Jess found the juice refreshing and a palette cleanser however I wasn’t a big fan of the smoothie. For me fruit smoothies are meant to be fruity and sweet and strangely i found this smoothie fairly bland in taste.

Tuk Shop: Vegan Dessert

We didn’t have any dessert this time at Tuk Shop. However they did have a Palm Sugar Pudding made from sweet rice, aromatic spices and palm sugar.

Where can you find Tuk Shop? 

Leon Tuk Shop

They’ve been very clever with their location. You’ll find Tuk Shop in the Shaftesbury Avenue branch of an existing Leon. It’s right next to China Town and what to people come to China Town to do but eat Asian food!


What’s the verdict? I would have liked to have seen a vegan pad thai or a vegan version of the green papaya salad on the menu. However Leon is generally very good for vegans so i can only imagine that Tuk Shop’s vegan offering will increase as they gage whether this Pop Up is successful or not. So although i won’t be rushing back, i’ll keep an eye on how their menu evolves.

Will you be trying out Leon’s Tuk Shop Pop Up? 

Tuk Shop
62 Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1D 6LT



  1. Katy Malkin
    June 6, 2018 / 4:12 pm

    Thanks for the review. Never heard of palm sugar pudding before so good to hear about new dishes, rather than the same old!

    • Anjuli
      June 16, 2018 / 7:01 pm

      No worries. I’d never heard of it either but nice to see new vegan food available 🙂

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