Kek – De koffiebar van Delft

On a day trip to Delft from Amsterdam, after wandering the market stalls we stopped off at Kek for a spot of lunch. The restaurant was completely full with tables of friends gathered and laughter floating through the air. There was a vibrancy and pleasant ambiance to this cafe that led us to wait half an hour for a table and it was totally worth it.


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Kek, DelftKek is a quirky café found along Voldersgracht in the centre of Delft. As you approach you’ll see colourful benches outside dotted with very comfortable looking cushions. The interior décor is beautiful with a stylish eclectic mix of furniture, plants and rose gold accessories. It’s very Instagram friendly.

Kek, DelftAlthough Kek is not a vegan restaurant it’s very vegan friendly with dishes clearly labelled on the menu. Our waitress was very attentive and knowledgeable despite how busy the café was and gave us recommendations, which you couldn’t help but go for.

You’ll find that Kek is more than a café, they also sell jewellery, home décor and gadgets. So it’s worth having a little browse.


go to this web-site What we had at Kek – De koffiebar van Delft Drinks 

To drink I chose their beetroot latte with almond milk, which had beetroot juice, espresso, chilli, cinnamon and maple syrup. As you can imagine it arrived a beautiful pink colour and it tasted amazing. I was so sceptical about choosing it but it exceeded my expectations with the chilli giving it a bit of a kick that contrasted with the sweetness of the beetroot and maple syrup. My only wish is that I could have this in the UK.

Kek, Delft The other drink that we chose was an earl grey and lavender ice tea which came in this tea carafe contraption. It took us a while to work out how to use it as it was heated at the top where the tea was defusing but cold at the bottom. We managed to get it to pour after waiting a few minutes for it to brew (we were given a timer). The first cup had a beautiful lavender fragrance to it, but the second cup once it brewed further was much sweeter. Again it was like nothing I had tried before and I’m on the hunt for whatever that gadget was.



Food wise I had their smashed avocado on toast, which had a citron-tahini dressing, chilli flakes and cherry tomatoes. The waitress recommended vegan bacon which was made from aubergine. I enjoyed this meal although I felt that it needed some lemon in the avocado or more seasoning as it tasted a tad bland. The aubergine bacon had a smokey flavour and jazzed up a standard avocado toast. I am glad that I tried it and it’s another thing that i’ll try to recreate at home.

Smashed Avocado on Toast, Kek, Delft



For dessert I had their raw berry and lavender cheesecake and the boyfriend went for a raw snickers square. The cheesecake was smooth and fragrant and a great way to end a meal. The raw snickers was incredibly sweet, but if you were a snickers fan previously then this was a good comparison.

Desserts at Kek, Delft

Overall Verdict

I thoroughly enjoyed my time and food at Kek. The café has a great friendly atmosphere with delightful staff. The menu is extensive and there were a number of other vegan options that I could have chosen from. The one stand out for me were their drinks. Both of the beverages that we had were phenomenal. The juices emerging from the bar also looked delicious presented in glass tumblers making me slightly envious. It feels slightly odd to rave about their drinks menu over the food, but they offer things that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

If you make a day trip to Delft then I highly recommend visiting Kek – De koffiebar van Delft. Even if there is a queue, it’s worth the wait.


Kek – De koffiebar van Delft
Voldersgracht 27
2611 EV Delft

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