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A year on from becoming vegan I still find myself reading the ingredients lists of food products, asking the vegan community about cruelty free make up and scouring the supermarket aisles for vegan-friendly alcohol. It’s a minefield and every now and then you’re going to make a mistake. However I’ve discovered a number of resources that I use on a daily basis to make cruelty-free, vegan living easier. Whether you’re a vegan newbie or you’ve been vegan all your life, i’m sure that these resources will speed up your supermarket shop or help you discover what’s new in the vegan world. Let’s be honest, there’s something new launching every week!


Your list of vegan resources 

Vegan Resources, Well Travelled Vegan


If you’re looking for vegan alcohol…

If you’re looking for vegan friendly booze then these resources are a game changer. The Veggie Beers App searches the Barnivore database which is constantly updated with vegan friendly drinks and is very easy to use. It’s the app that i use when perusing the drinks aisle and is available on Android and iOS.


If you’re looking for cruelty free make-up and skincare…

Logical Harmony and Cruelty-Free Kitty are my two go to websites when i’m looking to purchase new make-up and skincare. I’m still on a bit of a learning curve when it comes to cruelty-free, vegan make-up and skincare but i’ve found these websites incredible informative for the purchases that i’ve made to date.


If you’re looking for what’s new and vegan friendly in the supermarket…

What a godsend. I’ve discovered so many products through this website that i wouldn’t have thought were vegan. It’s also a great site to stay on top of what vegan goodies have recently hit the shelves.


If you’re looking for cruelty free laundry, toothpaste and cleaning products…

Vegan Womble does cover more than laundry, toothpaste and cleaning products but it’s the place that i head to to find this information.


If you’re looking for help reading labels…

Does anyone really understand every ingredient on every product they buy? There may be some that do, but for the majority i bet that we tend to just wing it. Double Check Vegan has come to my rescue a number of times, but i also found Veganuary’s guide useful to begin with.


If you’re looking for vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes

I’ve been using Happy Cow since i was about 18 when i was a veggie and it has served me well over the years. Another tip if you’re looking for vegan friendly restaurants is to use Instagram. When in a new location i quite often search by hashtags, for example #veganleeds or #veganrome, to find out what other vegan’s have eaten in the area.


All these resources have made it so much easier to live a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle. For anyone it’s a lot to take in when you first make a decision to transition, but luckily some amazing people have created these resources to help us along.

If you’ve found this helpful or have any other resources that you use then let me know in the comments below.



  1. February 9, 2019 / 12:29 pm

    What would I do without cruelty-free kitty? I didn’t know about some of these other resources available! I’m excited to look them up xx

    • Anjuli
      April 27, 2019 / 6:37 pm

      It is so handy isn’t it. There are more and more vegan resources becoming available. It makes life so much easier.

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