If any of you have a non-vegan significant other, then like me you may occasionally feel a twang of guilt dragging them to yet another vegan restaurant. Although I wish the boyfriend was vegan, I have to respect his views as he does mine. That’s why we often go to vegan-friendly restaurants and Gys in Utrecht was exactly that.


About Gys 

Gys, Utrecht, NetherlandsGys offers organic food and drink in the centre of Utrecht. They use local produce where possible to make a range of dishes such as open sandwiches, salads, soups and burgers. They clearly label their vegan dishes on the menu – of which there are plenty – meaning that you’re spoilt for choice. Gys has two restaurants in the centre of Utrecht, both with an airy casual feel. It’s a great place to stop for lunch after strolling along the canals or around the old town. With lovely staff and a delicious menu you’ll be well looked after at Gys.


What I ate at Gys 

There were many interesting options on the menu but I settled on their sweet potato and tempeh salad, with a side of vegan nachos.

Gys, Utrecht, NetherlandsHalf way through the meal I think I realised that my eyes were a bit too big for my stomach. They’re not shy with their portions at Gys. The tempeh salad was very generous and so was the nachos.

Gys, Utrecht, NetherlandsTo drink I ordered a mint tea, which I love to order in the Netherlands as they use real mint. They add so much that it looks like you’ve got a little plant sprouting from your cup. However it’s fresh and natural and so much better than a teabag. Note to self – must grow mint plant at home. 

Gys, Utrecht, Netherlands

Final verdict 

Gys is a great place for lunch with friends. Whether they’re a carnivore, vegetarian or vegan, Gys caters for all. Vegan options are clearly labelled on their menu, so even if you don’t speak Dutch you can point at what you want and be confident that you’ll get a vegan meal, however there’s no real need as most Dutch speak perfect English. I always feel a tinge of embarrassment when they switch from one language to another as I can’t even string a decent sentence together in Dutch. Not one that anyone would understand anyway.

Back to the food, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. It was nicely presented – Instagram friendly and all that – and i’ll be re-creating the tempeh salad at home. As for the nachos…well who doesn’t love nachos?

If you’re visiting Utrecht then i’d recommend checking out Gys.


Voorstraat 77,
3512 AL Utrecht,


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