One of the places that I was keen to visit whilst in Amsterdam was Den Haag (aka The Hague). It’s a city on the western coast of the Netherlands near the North Sea coastline and less than an hour by train from Amsterdam.

The Hague is the Netherlands government city housing the Dutch government, parliament, the Supreme Court and the Council of State. Most foreign embassies in the Netherlands are located here alongside 150 international organisations including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. This makes The Hague one of the major cities to host the United Nations.

There’s so much to see in The Hague and you won’t be bored. However you’re here to hear more about where we lunched…at Foam.


About Foam 

Foam, The HagueFOAM stands for “Fresh Organic And Meat-Free.” It’s a plant-based catering service that opened their restaurant in early-2016. You can visit Foam for breakfast and lunch, where they provide juices, smoothies, cakes, sandwiches, coffee and more.

Although a little walk from the centre it’s a really pleasant setting to sit and relax. The interior is light and bright with the kitchen out in the open and green plants and herbs dotting the walls. They also had seating out front as well as out back in their garden where you can eat your food surrounded by flowers. I absolutely adored the decor. So airy with all the windows. 


What I ate at Foam

Foam, The HagueI had a warm sandwich with avocado, mushrooms, sauerkraut and lettuce. The earthiness of the mushrooms contrasted nicely with the acidity of the sauerkraut and the creaminess of the avocado. I loved this combo and it reminded me how much I love sauerkraut. Note to self, must make myself!

Foam, The HagueTo drink I had their apple, carrot and ginger juice which was sweet with a kick from the ginger. At this point i’d drunk a lot of coffee so thought it wise to ingest some vitamins.


Final verdict

Although a little outside the centre it’s worthwhile walking to Foam, especially if it’s a sunny day so that you can make the most of their garden.

All their food is vegan so you don’t need to worry and their range is extraordinary. You can have pancakes, sandwiches, quesadillas, soups, salads, burgers and more. I wish I’d stayed longer in The Hague and been able to go back here. It was a truly delicious meal in a relaxing setting.


Frederikstraat 44
The Hague
Netherlands, 2514 LL


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