Fed by Water

Fed by Water is a 100% vegan restaurant that I’ve heard people shouting from the rooftops about. Not literally, but you know what I mean. As it’s located a little out of the way in Dalston it has taken me a while to get there, but I’m glad that I made the effort. I visited with one of my oldest friends from school, who kindly obliges me as I drag her from vegan restaurant to vegan restaurant… after all, I have to give the boyfriend a break every now and then!


About Fed by Water 

Fed by Water is a 100% vegan restaurant that provides authentic, traditional Italian cuisine. You may wonder about the choice of name “Fed by Water.” It links to their objective of bringing the nutritional importance of pure water to the public conscience. On their website they say:

“By water because life begins with water, which is the same for all our freshly made food and drinks. We know that by removing all impurities found in tap water like limescale, chlorine, bacteria and other nasties, we’ll make our food taste and feel much better…and so will you!”

They’re also a restaurant that thinks about their impact on the environment around them. They source ingredients locally where possible; ensuring that their carbon footprint is kept as low as possible.

The Staff

I cannot say enough nice things about the staff at Fed by Water. We were served by a lovely, lively, talkative lady whose positive energy was contagious. My friend and I must have sat there for about two and a half hours chatting and she didn’t usher us along. The bar staff were also chatty. Their happy personalities alongside the food made it a it a truly memorable experience.

The Decor 

I was a little surprised by the interior of this restaurant. I had pictured it as this chic Italian restaurant with tablecloths, ambient lighting and neutral walls. Instead it had black walls and felt a bit grungy with menus whose pages were stuck together by food. It wasn’t the nicest setting, but let’s be honest it’s the food that counts.


What I ate at Fed by Water

As usual I had done a bit of research before my visit and had settled on Spaghetti alla Carbonara, which was made using durum wheat spaghetti cooked with smoked tofu, turmeric and soy cream and topped with crispy seitan chunks.

Fed by Water, London
The portions were incredibly generous. I had to take my time to get through this dish, which I wanted to as it was so tasty! The sauce was creamy and rich which contrasted with the seitan chunks which had a smokey flavour. The presentation was beautiful too. In fact all the dishes coming out of the kitchen were pieces of art. When I finished I sat back and held onto my newly formed food baby (aka Alfie) completely and utterly content.

Fed by Water, London For dessert (after a bit of a break) we took a gamble and shared a chocolate and banana dessert pizza. Unfortunately the gamble didn’t pay off. The base was quite tough and the chocolate sauce was a bit too runny. We didn’t finish it and ended up taking it home in a box.


Final verdict

If you’re in or around London then I’d recommend going a little out of your way to Fed by Water. The staff are incredibly friendly and the food is very tasty. I think that we were a little unlucky with our dessert but the main was sensational. It’s clearly a favourite as the two tables next to us ordered the same too!

When I return to Fed by Water (and I will return) I’ll be trying something different as their menu was extensive. The Tagliatelle di Terra with mushrooms is next on my hit list. However so is the bread basket where you can eat the basket too. Looks like I’ll see what takes my fancy on the day.


Fed by Water
Dalston Cross Shopping Centre
64 Kingsland High St
London E8 2LX


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