Eating Vegan at Tropicana Beach Club

It’s a Friday night, the evening meant for gathering with friends, enjoying a tipple or two…or three and leaving the work week behind. This Friday the boyfriend and i visited Tropicana Beach Club to get that Friday feeling. When you enter you forget that you’re in London with palm trees and surf boards lining the walls, dancers in Hawaiian dress and guys wearing Baywatch-esque bright red shorts.

If you’re going there to eat, you’ll find the “restaurant” tables next to the dance floor, so you can get up and shape some moves between courses. The best bit? Once you’ve finished eating you can use your table as your own personal dancing podium. If you’ve enjoyed their happy hour, you’ll have all the confidence in the world to get on up there.

I admit that it’s not a place that you’d expect to find vegan food, however they have some delicious dishes, so let’s get into it.


Eating Vegan at Tropicana Beach Club 

Tropicana’s menu is extensive and you’ll find that all the vegan options are clearly marked which makes our lives easier. Out of the cocktails there are two that are vegan friendly which are Bahama Breeze and Slip ‘N’ Slide. Both were fruity and sweet and if you arrived during happy hour then you got two for the price of one. Definitely worthwhile, but let’s move onto the food.

Vegan Menu Tropicana Beach Club, London


Whenever i see nachos and guacamole on the menu I have to order it. For me it’s a comfort food. Tropicana’s guacamole was fresh, chunky and delicious. Plus they had what i would call “proper” nachos rather than the standard Dorritos that you get in some restaurants.

If you’re looking for something a little healthier then the avocado and mango summer rolls are a good option. Personally i’m not a huge fan of summer rolls, however these were light and fresh and you got a very decent portion.

Tortilla chips with guacamole and avocado and mango summer rolls with ponzu sauce 


The star of the starters however was the jerk cauliflower “chicken” wings which came with an avocado mayo. This dish was absolutely sensational. The cauliflower wasn’t battered like i’ve seen some cauliflower wings, instead they were seasoned in a way that gave them a crunchy exterior. The flavour was sweet and smoky with a bit of a kick, but don’t worry if you’re not a fan of spice as these weren’t too spicy at all. The avocado dip that they came with was smooth and creamy. I actually checked the menu again as it was so similar in flavour and texture to cream cheese. I can’t believe that it was made out of avocado.

Jerk cauliflower “chicken” wings with avocado mayo



The selection of mains was really good varying from Jamaican dishes to good old Mac’n’Cheese and a vegetable salad. I went for the Jamaican Jerk Cauliflower which came with coconut rice and black beans, grilled plantain and a rainbow slaw. The portion was incredibly generous and as i’d been such a big fan of the cauliflower starter, i devoured this. This dish has a great mix of flavours and textures.

Jamaican Jerk Cauliflower with coconut rice and black beans, grilled plantain and a rainbow slaw


The boyfriend opted for Mac’n’Cheese which i had a sneaky try of and again, they’ve absolutely nailed it. It felt very hearty and warming and it avoided that sweet cheesy flavour that you get with some vegan Mac’n’Cheese. Instead it was creamy cheese perfection.

Vegan Menu Tropicana Beach Club

Mac’n’Cheese: macaroni with creamy sauce and crushed tortilla



By the time we got to dessert we were feeling very full and decided to take a short break and do a bit of dancing before resuming our vegan feast.

There were two options for dessert; mango sorbet or plantain fritter. Again the portions were incredibly generous. The sorbet was as expected, a silky smooth mango sorbet. However the plantain fritters, like the jerk cauliflower wings, stole the show. The plantain itself was chunky, soft and sweet in the middle and there was just the right amount of batter on the outside. We really enjoyed them.

Homemade mango sorbet with passionfruit coulis and plantain fritter with caramel sauce


Sometimes you find delicious vegan food in the most unexpected of places and Tropicana Beach Club is one of those. Their portions are big and very reasonably priced making them great value for money, plus they’re packed with flavour. You can tell that the team have really thought about their menu, wanting it to fit in with the vibe of the Beach Club itself whilst offering vegans variety and choice. We were thoroughly impressed.

We visited on a Tropicanarama Friday and the music was on point. Great for a night out, but be warned it’s not the place to sit and have a conversation. My voice is still a little croaky from the event, but perhaps that’s just the alcohol and my decision to sing along to almost every song. I’ll most definitely be making a return visit, this time with the girls to dance the night away.

If you’re looking for a place to eat, dance and be merry then try Tropicana Beach Club.


Tropicana Beach Club
Parker Street



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