December Favourites

This December has been a month of food, drink and song. Yes that’s right…song. As soon as we hit the first of December i had those Christmas tunes on and was dancing around my flat and putting up decorations like nobody was watching. My boyfriend may think that i’m slightly nuts but it’s been almost 10 years so he has got to be used to it by now.

Anyway enough of that. I’m sure that you’ve come here to get a round up of the vegan goodies that i’ve been loving this month.


Here’s 5 vegan goodies i’ve been loving this December


When you fancy…a warm drink 

A Chai Latte was my go to drink before i turned vegan. There’s something about the sweet blend of spices that I find calming. I was therefore over the moon to discover Drink Me Chai’s new non-dairy Chai Latte. Mix it with some almond milk and you can’t go wrong.

Drink Me Chai


When you fancy…some crisps

Earlier this month Eat Real Snacks launched their Veggie Straw Kids Multi-Pack, but you don’t need to be a child to eat these. They’ve become a staple for my packed lunch and i also bought some for the boyfriend’s stocking as kept eating my supply. I share some things, but not these.

Eat Real Veggie Straws


When you fancy…some chocolate

Being the chocoholic that I am it’s no surprise that there’s a chocolate bar in this list. Seed and Bean’s Coconut and Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar has become a firm favourite. I bought this as a treat whilst I watched the Holiday and wrapped my Christmas presents. Shamefully I got through the bar rather quickly. Sometimes I find coconut a little dry in chocolate but with this bar that’s not the case. I’m looking forward to trying out some more of Seed and Beans vegan chocolate bars.


When you fancy…something festive

As soon as December hits it’s mince pie season. This year many coffee shops such as Costa Coffee and Nero have vegan mince pies at the ready, but so do some supermarkets. Waitrose’s shortcrust Mince pies are a great option especially if you’re like me and can’t stop after one.

Waitrose Shortcrust Mince Pies


When you fancy…a quick and easy dinner

Whether you like cooking or not it’s always good to have a few healthy meals in the freezer that you can chuck in the oven and tuck into hassle free half an hour later. The boyfriend recently discovered Marks and Spencer’s Festive Parsnip and Mulled Red Onion Roast which is absolutely delicious. The portion is for two and with some of Marks and Spencer’s vegan onion gravy you have a tasty meal in front of you with minimal effort.


So there you have it, my top 5 vegan discoveries of December. Some are more festive than others but they’re all products that I’ve bought and loved and in many cases bought again.


What vegan goodies have you discovered this December?


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