Day Trip: Delft

Whilst staying in Amsterdam we decided to explore a bit more of the Netherlands which included a day trip to Delft. Delft is found in the southwest of the Netherlands between The Hague and Rotterdam. This exquisite canal-ringed city is the birthplace of the Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer and is famous for the manufacturing of Delftware. Delftware is hand painted blue and white pottery originally duplicated from Chinese porcelain by 17th-century artisans. You’ll see it in the shop windows as you stroll up and down the canals.

Delft, Netherlands

How to get to Delft from Amsterdam

We simply bought a return train ticket from Amsterdam on the day at one of the ticket machines. From memory it cost between €24 to €30 and took roughly 50 minutes with us changing trains at Leiden. When you arrive you can walk to the town centre. It takes about 5 minutes, if that.


What we did in Delft

Our trip to Delft was a bit spontaneous meaning that our planning involved using the free wifi on the train to Google what was worth seeing. However we were very lucky that we visited Delft on a Saturday when their antiques market was on. Market stalls lined the canals selling comics, pottery, paintings, antiques, trinkets, books, flowers and more. It’s quite a sight to behold and if you’re prepared to do a bit of rummaging then you can find some beautiful souvenirs.

Delft, NetherlendsAfter pottering around the market stalls we walked to Delft Market Square. Here you’ll find the city hall standing opposite the stunning Gothic Nieuwe Kerk, which is the burial place of the Princes of Orange. You can see the burial tomb of William of Orange (1533-1584) who is considered the founding father of the Netherlands. It’s a truly impressive building.

Nieuwe Kerk, Delft, NetherlandsOn Delft Market Square you’ll find a couple of Delftware shops with vases, kitchenware and christmas baubles aplenty. We had a little browse however we didn’t buy anything as it was very expensive.

DelftwareWe then strolled to the Oude Kerk, another Gothic Church and the burial site of the world renowned painter, John Vermeer (1675). The interior is beautiful and it remains as one of the most remarkable heritage sites in Delft City. Definitely worth a visit.

Oude Kerk, Delft, Netherlands

Where we ate in Delft

For lunch we went to Kek – De koffiebar van Delft in the centre of town, which was incredibly busy. We waited half an hour for a table however it was totally worth it and you can read a full review of Kek on my blog here.

Kek, Delft

Would I recommend visiting Delft?

Yes, yes and yes. If you have the time when visiting Amsterdam then I would highly recommend a day trip to Delft. It’s a beautiful postcard perfect university town with markets galore. You’ll find yourself walking around with a smile plastered to your face just at the sheer beauty of this place. So what are you waiting for?


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