Christmas Lunch at Tummies

Once December hits you’re guaranteed to have your calendar full of Christmas lunches, drinks and parties. Tis the season to be jolly, but tis also the season to consume a hell of a lot of food and develop a constant food baby that you might as well give a name…mine’s called Alfie.

This week we had my work Christmas lunch at Tummies in Slough. There are lots of companies on the Slough Trading Estate but there’s a lack of restaurants unless you travel into Windsor, so the majority of people end up at Tummies.

It’s a cute little restaurant where they give you paper and colouring pencils to doodle whilst you wait. The ceiling is then decorated with these images, some of which are rather good.


What I ate at Tummies 

We pre-ordered our food so we had little name tags with our dishes written on them. I was pleased to see that my card had “vegan” written on it, so i knew that the dishes that i’d veganised had been understood. Thumbs up!



Tummies Restaurant SloughTo start i had their butternut soup with crusty bread. Unfortunately i was a bit disappointed with this starter. I got the heel of the loaf which was tiny and the soup itself just tasted like someone had overcooked a butternut squash and blended it without adding any seasoning. It was tasteless which was such a shame. I do wonder if the recipe previously had dairy in it and they’d tried to make it without.



Tummies Restaurant SloughFor main i had their vegetable pasta. It did originally come with quorn, but i have to admit that i hate the stuff so i asked for it without. I really enjoyed this pasta dish as it came with a decent amount of vegetables and the rich tomato sauce was just delicious.



Tummies Restaurant SloughTo end the meal i had sorbet as that was the only vegan option on the menu. It was lovely sorbet however in the middle of Winter it wasn’t the ideal choice. I wish that they’d had another dessert option. Something a little warmer would have been nice like an apple crumble.


Final verdict 

Overall i don’t think that Tummies is set up for vegans. There wasn’t much choice as many of the vegetarian dishes that i would tend to vegan-ise included cheese. It’s an ideal place for a work outing as it’s close by, but i wouldn’t visit out of choice until they improve their vegan options.

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