Breakfast at Bill’s

To get fuelled up for a day of Christmas Shopping we headed to Bills for some breakfast. I’ve not been to Bills since going vegan so I was intrigued to find out what they had on offer. Surprisingly the restaurant was absolutely packed and that was at 8:30am! Apparently lots of people had the same idea.


What I ate at Bills

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Bill’s had vegan options labelled on their menu, which always makes life easier. Although there was only one vegan option labelled, there were a number of other items that could have been made vegan. For example, the avocado on toast minus the poached eggs.

Bill's Menu I had their coconut porridge with winter berry compote and candied pistachios. The portion of porridge was incredibly generous. If you imagine eating risotto at a restaurant then that’s the kind of portion size you get. It was also cooked to perfection, not gloopy or watery, just perfect.

On top there was a berry compote which was very tasty but there wasn’t much of it so I asked for some more in a side dish. They gave it to me at no extra cost so I’d definitely recommend doing that. The candied pistachios were a nice touch, however i wish that they’d added a few more.

To drink I choose their carrot, apple and ginger juice. I’m trying to ingest as many vitamins as possible to stop myself from getting a cold. You can’t have a cold at Christmas! The ginger definitely gave it a kick and I usually like this combo but on this occasion it took away a lot of the sweetness of the carrots. Perhaps it was just a bad batch of carrots but I didn’t particularly like it. In addition i had an earl grey with soya milk, which never fails me.


Bill’s interior

I absolutely adored Bill’s festive interior decor. Their normal look and feel is rustic homey chic with light wooden tables topped with mini watering cans holding flowers. To Christmasify it – and yes i did just make up that word – they added pine wreaths above the fireplaces and beautiful glass red baubles. Simple but festive.


Overall verdict

I was impressed with what Bill’s had to offer. From memory they didn’t have vegan options on their menu before so they’re moving with the times.

In terms of value for money you definitely got a very decently sized porridge portion. It cost just under £5 – can you believe that – and you sit in a beautiful cosy setting surrounded by Christmas lights. You can’t really complain! The juice on the other hand was not worth it and i will just stick to my earl grey tea next time.

I’m keen to go back to Bill’s to try their lunch and dinner menus as it’s such a pleasant setting.


Have any of you tried Bills as a vegan and what did you think?

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