Bagels and Beans

Bagels and Beans is a chain within the Netherlands that serves…you guessed it… bagels, as well as smoothies, coffee and cake. Whilst strolling around Amsterdam we kept coming across this chain so we decided to give it a go, as who doesn’t like bagels!? About Bagels and Beans

Bagels and Beans has been around since 1996 starting out on Ferdinand Bolstraat in Amsterdam. At the time, the bagel was popular in America but not so well known in The Netherlands. The owners changed that by opening Bagels and Beans.

All their restaurants have a similar relaxed vibe. Their interior is colourful with oranges, blues and yellows and their menu is extensive with a number of vegan options. Their food and drinks are freshly prepared and served quickly. We weren’t left waiting for our bagels, which was good as we were pretty hungry.


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I’m starting to think that I’m slowly converting the boyfriend to a vegan diet, as he chose a vegan option too. Once you’d chosen your filling you could decide on the type of bagel you wanted including, white, sesame, tomato and more, all of which were vegan except the gluten free one. I chose the Dutch Weed Burger on a sourdough bagel.

Bagels and Beans, AmsterdamThe patty/burger was made of crispy soyshreds, enriched with Dutch Royal Kombu and seaweed. It was accompanied with some gherkins, tomato, red onion and cucumber. I wanted to like this but I didn’t. I disliked the texture of the patty. It pulled apart a bit like how I’d expect chicken to. It’s probably mind over matter but I didn’t like the taste either, so it ended up on the boyfriends plate. The bagel itself was delicious, but I was not a fan of the filling.

The boyfriend had the vegetarian chicken (from the Vegetarian Butcher) teriyaki bagel. He really liked it, I on the other hand again did not. I like teriyaki but the texture of the fake chicken just didn’t sit well with me. Our tastes clearly differ greatly.

Bagels and Beans, Amsterdam

Final verdict

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not a fan of fake meats. For this reason unfortunately I didn’t like either of the bagel fillings, however the bagels themselves were nice although a little pricey. I think our meal for two bagels and two drinks came to €22 which when you think about it is quite expensive.

I’d recommend Bagels and Beans if you want to chill with a drink. The Wostok Russian Cola I had was really nice and they have soya milk for coffee too. Unfortunately the bagel fillings  were not to my taste.


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Bagels and Beans website


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