Amsterdam Vegan Food Guide

The vegan food scene in Amsterdam is better than most. Whether you’re looking for burgers, chips, smoothie bowls, dumplings or anything else, you’ll find it here. You’ve got your pick of both vegan-friendly and vegan-only restaurants, which doesn’t surprise me as the Dutch tend to be fairly liberal. However it did mean that I left Amsterdam having eaten my own body weight in vegan food.

I’ve pulled together a guide of the vegan friendly eateries that I visited whilst in Amsterdam but this is by no means an all inclusive view of what’s available.

Here’s a quick list of the restaurants and cafes that I ate at, but you can find out more information on each if you read on.

  • Juice Brothers
  • Yoghurt Barn
  • Vegabond
  • De Bolhoed
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar
  • Bagels & Beans
  • C T Coffee & Coconuts
  • Bowls & Buns
  • Mastino Pizza
  • Terrazen Centre
  • Tashi Deleg


Web Site Breakfast 

I only ventured out for breakfast a couple of times during my trip as I tend to be unadventurous and have porridge at home to keep costs down. The two places I tried were Juice Brothers and Yoghurt Barn.


where can i buy provigil in south africa Juice Brothers 

I had the acai berry bowl from Juice Brothers with banana, goji berries, honey free granola and cocoa nibs. I perched on the edge of one of the canals and happily ate my brekkie whilst watching the boats go by. They also had a range of freshly pressed juices but they come at a price, roughly €8.

Juice Brothers, Amsterdam Update from another visit to Amsterdam! Juice Brothers have started selling vegan ice cream at their Haarlemmerplein branch. The vegan scoops are made with housemade cashew milk, organic coconut milk, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, and organic carob bean. They have a range of unique flavours to choose from and as I couldn’t decide I went for three scoops being the little piggy that I am, which were toasted coconut, mint chocolate chip and turmeric. Yes…turmeric. The ice cream was unbelievably creamy. I can confidently say that this truly was the best vegan ice cream that I have ever tasted.

Vegan Ice Cream for Juice Brothers, Amsterdam

Yoghurt Barn 

You’ll find Yoghurt Barn inside Amsterdam Central Station. They offer different types of yogurts with toppings of your choice such as fruit, muesli, biscuits and nuts. For vegans they have coconut yogurt which I had with banana, figs and almonds. It was really tasty and such a simple idea. If you end up going i’d recommend getting the small pot as even that has a lot of yogurt.

Yoghurt Barn, Amsterdam


Amsterdam has no shortage of lunch places dotted along its canals. It almost feels like you’re in a fairytale (apart from the slight whiff of weed). Ok, I’ve blown the romantic image now…

The five places that I went to for lunch were Vegabond, De Bolhoed, Vegan Junk Food Bar, Bagels & Beans and C T Coffee & Coconuts. You’ll find the first two located in the centre within 5 minutes walk from Anne Franks House. Vegan Junk Food Bar is further out by Vondel Park but is easily accessible by tram and C T Coffee & Coconuts is further still in the De Pijp area where you’ll find cute boutiques. Bagels & Beans you’ll find everywhere as it’s a chain.



Vegabond is not just a vegan restaurant but a shop too with many vegan goodies. If my suitcase wasn’t already too full I would have gone to town. They offer a range of cakes including the most delectable donuts, which I actually went back again for and they have a number of wraps and salads. I had their summer rolls which were delicious. You can view a full review of Vegabond here.

Vegabond, Amsterdam

Vegabond, Amsterdam

De Bolhoed 

This colourful, vibrant restaurant has personality. The menu is small but has everything you need. I had a vegan ragout croissant, which looked nothing like a croissant but was tasty. They also had some amazing looking salads emerge from the kitchen which gave me food envy. You can read a full review of De Bolhoed here.

De Bolhoed, Amsterdam

Vegan Junk Food Bar 

Before I visited Amsterdam I searched for vegan food on Instagram and continuously found pictures of people at Vegan Junk Food Bar. The burgers looked insanely good and i’m happy to say that they didn’t disappoint. I shared a notorious SUMO burger with the boyfriend, which had a double plant beef burger, cheddar, fried onion rings, lettuce, tomato, red, spring and fried onion mix, pickles, jalapeños and VJFB sauce. We also had the vegan version of Amsterdam Bitterballen and their Crunchy Golden Seaweed Nuggets. I wasn’t such a fan of the sides but the burger…I have no words.

Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Bagels & Beans

Bagels & Beans is a chain in the Netherlands and once you spot one you’ll see them everywhere. As you can imagine they serve bagels and coffee. The good news is that all their bagels are vegan except the gluten free one. They have roughly three vegan bagel filling options, although you can request to make up your own too. You can read a full review of Bagels & Beans here.

Bagels and Beans, Amsterdam

C T Coffee & Coconuts 

C T Coffee & Coconuts is located inside the former Ceintuur Theater, which used to be a cinema for many years. The interior decor is a blend of an urban coffee house with a light and airy feel due to the lightly distressed wood and plants covering most surfaces. It has four levels with cosy sofas, large communal tables and private seating. I can imagine this being the perfect student hang out.

Food wise I had their Tempeh and Kimchi Sandwich with crunchy onions and coconut-siracha, which was sweet and spicy. I had never tried tempeh before but they seasoned it perfectly. To drink I had one of their CT’s Coconut Dream Juice which had mango, banana, coconut water, cucumber, lemon and cocoflower sugar. I usually expect anything with banana to feel quite heavy but this was lovely and light and tasted very fragrant.

CT Coffee & Coconuts, Amsterdam

Bowls & Buns 

You can find Bowls & Buns at Market 33 by Amsterdam Zuid station. Make sure that you look at opening times as I believe they don’t open on the weekend as it’s a business district. I had their vegan crispy black soy tempeh pillow soft steamed bun with lettuce, cucumber, spring onion, peanuts and sirarcha hoisin sauce. It made for a light lunch but it was so flavoursome. I only wish that I had got two!

Bowls and Buns Amsterdam


We ate out for dinner a few times in Amsterdam. The first place we went to was called the Terrazen Centre in the centre of town, which had a very quirky interior. The second was a Tibetan and Indonesian Restaurant called Tashi Deleg just by the flower market in the centre of town. The third was a pizzeria in the De Pijp area of Amsterdam called Mastino.


Terrazen Center

The first thing the boyfriend said to me when we entered was “you take me to some very strange places,” which is kind of true. The interior was a tad dark with questionably alive plants surrounding the front door and posters dotting the walls held up by masking tape. It’s a bit alternative, however the menu offers vegan options of  Japanese and Carribbean dishes so I plonked my bot down and got the boyfriend to sit down too. I had their Jamaican Plate and the boyfriend had the Gyozo Plate. The portions were a very decent size and the food felt homely.

Terrazen Centre, Amsterdam Terrazen Centre, Amsterdam

Tashi Deleg

The Dutch arrived in Indonesia in the 16th century in search of cloves, nutmeg and pepper during the height of the spice trade. In the 1800s Indonesia became a treasured colony of the Netherlands and the Dutch embraced the delicious Indonesian cuisine both at home and abroad. Consequently you find many Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands.

At Tashi Deleg we had a Rijsttafel which literally meaning “rice table.” It tends to be a set menu where you pay per head and get a range of smaller dishes to share. Although they only had a vegetarian rice table set menu they had no problem making the dishes vegan, which was amazing. There were six curry dishes in total with a side of rice and noodles. It is a great for those who tend to get food envy. I’d highly recommend this restaurant.

Tashi Deleg, Amsterdam

Mastino Pizza

Mastino Pizzeria is a cute restaurant in the De Pijp area of Amsterdam. I had their New Vegan Pizza which had vegan cheese, zucchini flower, dried tomatoes, sliced potatoes, zucchini sliced and black truffle oil. It was delicious and you can read a full review on my blog here.

Mastino, Amsterdam

That more or less finishes up my food tour of Amsterdam, however there are so many other vegan options in this beautiful city. I merely scratched the surface but made a hefty dent in my bank balance on this short trip.

I hope that you’ve found this mini guide useful if you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam. Let me know if you visit any of these places, or tag me on Instagram (@welltravelledvegan).


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