About Me

A very warm welcome to the Well Travelled Vegan. My name is Anjuli, a twenty-something travel obsessed restaurant-goer with a new found passion for vegan food.

I created this space on the internet to share my adventures and experiences as I hunt down delicious vegan food both in the UK and abroad. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach, but that saying rings true for me too.

My food journey 

Up until December 2016 I was a vegetarian. I was born and raised a vegetarian as my family are of the herbivore kind too. However in December I decided to remove all dairy from my diet and overnight I became vegan. Now I’m back to reading the ingredients on every item I buy making my food shop take a bit longer than usual, but it’s a gradual learning process.

My travels 

I’ve been lucky enough to have lived abroad in three countries – Hong Kong, Spain and Germany – and to have travelled to many more. I get so much joy out of visiting new countries and getting to know different cultures and customs. I’m the person who maps out an itinerary to a T and crams in as much as possible so that you return feeling like you need another holiday – whoops!

Next places on my list are

  • Somerset, UK
  • Seville, Spain
  • Japan

But I am sure that more will be added.

What to expect from this blog

On this blog I share restaurant reviews, recipes and travel guides. I’ve always discovered restaurants and places to visit through scouring the internet or browsing through Instagram. If you’re reading this now then it looks like we’ve got that in common and hopefully this blog will inspire you as many other blogs have done me.

I think that’s everything that you need to know for now.