24 hours in Nottingham

I recently went to visit one of my best friends in Nottingham. We both did languages at university and met on our year abroad in Murcia in Spain. Although we don’t see each other that often as we live in different parts of the UK, when we do it feels like we’ve never been apart.

I hadn’t been to Nottingham before so my lovely friend crammed lots of good activities into the 24 hours we had to make it memorable. Of course there was food…lots and lots of food…laughter and plenty of memories to share.

So if you’re visiting Nottingham for a short time, here are some ideas for you.


Where to eat? 

There’s no doubt in my mind that you should head straight to Annie’s Burger Shack. They can make almost any of their burgers vegan of which there are over thirty combinations, each as unique as the next.  

I opted for what I thought was a more tame option called “The Gringo.” It was described as a burger topped with a crispy tortilla basket, chilli garlic sauce, filled with Mexican spiced rice, refried beans, salsa, sour cream and a green Mexican chilli sticking out the middle. It was a beast of a burger. You can read a full review of Annie’s Burger Shack on my blog here.

Annie's Burgers, Nottingham

Where to chill out once you’ve shopped your heart out?

Nottingham Centre has lots of good shops, but once you’re done with that Das Kino is a great place to have a drink whilst playing ping pong. You pay £5 for 30 minutes of play, which isn’t too bad. If I’m being honest we started off playing pretty terribly but by the end of it we could hold a good rally.


Where to visit outside Nottingham Centre? 

If you fancy some greenery then head to Wollaton Hall and go for a walk. You’ll see plenty of deer who are surprisingly unbothered by you as you stroll around.

Wollaton Hall, Nottingham Wollaton Hall, Gardens and Deer Park is an Elizabethan country house of the 1580s and home to Nottingham’s Natural History Museum with Nottingham Industrial Museum in the out-buildings. The building is stunning and the expanse of park is impressive too. Especially with the variety of deer breeds.

Wollaton Hall, Nottingham You can also stop off at their cafe for food where they had a few vegan options such as a hummus with peppers and watercress sandwich and plain crisps.

Wollaton Hall, Nottingham


Where to go for cocktails? 

Again, if you fancy going somewhere outside Nottingham Centre then head to a cocktail bar in West Bridgford called The Parlour. The cocktails here are inventive. I had a cherry bakewell which tasted like the cherry bakewell naked bar and my friend had a popcorn cocktail that actually came with popcorn on top. If you want to go out for drinks with friends and be able to hear each other then I’d recommend The Parlour.

The Parlour, Nottingham

My twenty-four hours in Nottingham sped by, but we definitely made every minute count creating loads of new memories. I’ll be back to Nottingham for sure to see my burger eating partner in crime.

If you have any other vegan recommendations in Nottingham then let me know in the comments below.

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